How to use shiplap in your home

There is so much to consider when designing your home, and wall treatment is no exception. I’m a huge fan of combining molding, millwork and shiplap. Shiplap walls have beautiful patterns, adding texture to the room and character to your home. Shiplap is versatile. Not only is it very popular in old homes, but it’s also a great option for new built homes.

Shiplap boards are usually made of either MDF, pine, cedar and oak. Depending on the type of shiplap used, you can create a modern or historic feel. There are multiple options which can be used individually or combined to create an elevated and custom look.

Shiplap can be used almost anywhere. It can be used in small areas such as a mudroom, cover big walls such as a basement or be used as a feature wall such as a bedroom or bathroom. It can also be used on your ceilings. Whether you are doing it alone or in conjunction with beams or within the box of a coffered ceiling, all options are beautiful. 

If you’re thinking of building or renovating your home, shiplap is a great alternative to drywall.  In my opinion, shiplap is a great way to add personality and provide a clean finish than that of drywall. For the finishing touch, unlike drywall, you can stain it, keep it white or paint it another colour to suit your house.

To sum it up, I recommend you take the time to design your wall treatments. With the amount of options available, the possibilities are endless. It can be a little overwhelming, so starting early in the renovation or building process is best.

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